In response to the COVID-19 pandemic current situation, counselling services are offered by telepsychology (which is online).  Online therapy via webcam offers all of the psychological benefits associated with traditional face-to-face sessions with several added advantages, namely flexibility, time efficiency, and convenience. I am using a secure video platform to protect privacy. I understand that this change may be difficult, and I am prepared to help you adapt.  We can schedule a 15min trial session at no charge to you, this will allow us to problem solve any technical or personal difficulties that may come up in a tele-psychology session. 


What is tele-psychology?

Psychotherapy offered by videoconferencing, also called tele-psychology, is an exciting new way to participate in psychotherapy. It offers many conveniences (it provides access to expertise regardless of location or distance) but has some inconveniences as well (the lack of the therapist’s physical presence in case of distress or crisis, or possible difficulties understanding or communicating in the event of technical problems). Otherwise, tell-psychology is much like therapy in a psychologist’s office, and the two therapy procedures are essentially the same. There has been lots of scientific research documenting the effectiveness of this type of therapy delivery, and it is approved by both the Canadian and American Psychological Associations.

What equipment do I need?

Desktop computer with a webcam and speakers, OR

Laptop computer with built-in webcam and speakers, OR

Tablet or iPad device with built-in webcam and speakers, OR


You will also need an internet connection.  You can use data from your cellphone provider as well.

You will also need a quiet comfortable space where you can talk.  Some people prefer using headphones with a microphone.